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A Great Day at South West Plumbing

It’s something we say, and have said for years when our people pick up the phones here at South West Plumbing.  For instance, if you called our phone number RIGHT NOW you’d hear the phone pickup and one of our FABULOUS call-takers would begin the call with: “It’s a Great Day at South West Plumbing!”, […]

What To Expect When You Call South West Plumbing

When you call South West Plumbing, whether you live in Seattle or anywhere in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, we want you to know that there are certain things that you can expect to get from your plumbing service experience.  So, here are the steps and details of what we provide our valuable customers … […]

Plumbing Upgrades in the Bathroom

Spring is here and it’s time to think about fixing up the house for summer guests. How is that guest bath looking anyway? The quickest, easiest way to improve the looks and function of your bathroom is with a new sink, faucet and maybe a toilet. These 3 things are the most common items customers […]

Searching for a Plumbing Fix? At what cost?

In a recent search of the internet we discovered some great information. Customers are looking for answers to their plumbing problems online and what they are finding is not what they want or need. In a recent search on “You Tube” The most popular plumbing repair searches were, in order: How to install a toilet […]

Plumbing Insurance?

I get calls everyday wanting to know if there is such a thing as plumbing insurance. The short answer is, YES. You can insure anything that you want if you are willing to pay the premiums. Now, for the more accurate answer: Most typical homeowner policies do not cover plumbing expenses. When there is a […]

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Hope you enjoy this little bit of Christmas parody………   T‘was the month before Christmas and throughout the abode Were rusty old faucets and an outdated commode. The plans had been made to have guests come a’callin But the plumbing was needin’ some quick overhaulin’. I was frettin’ and stressin’ as I thought of the […]

Our Thanks and Apologies

First off we want to thank all of our customers for calling South West Plumbing over the last few weeks. When the cold hits and the storms bring the heavy rains we get especially busy and although we work very hard to get to everyone that needs service, sometimes we get delayed. Our techs were […]

Winter Preparation

Winter is just around the corner! Every year we get hundreds of calls for broken water pipes. This time of year the cold weather sneaks up on us and before we know it, it’s 20 degrees and things start breaking. Now is the time to start thinking about insulating pipes, covering hose faucets, and winterizing […]

Top Ten Reasons Customers Call Us

Top Ten Reasons customers call South West Plumbing: 10: They love to speak with the friendly ladies who answer the phone. 9: They want a technician at their house today. 8: Their spouse told them to. 7: The guy on the commercial looked so friendly. 6: That dripping faucet won’t fix itself. 5: Last nights […]

Online Reviews for South West Plumbing

IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER that has had a good experience with us, we’d appreciate it very much if you would find a reputable review site and post your experience there.  Of course, we’d also like you to follow us on twitter, facebook, and this blog, but the review alone will do wonders.  Unfortunately, the […]