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Bothell Dependable A/C Repair Services

If you have air conditioning or heating issues, never fear because we can help!  You need the best Bothell HVAC service, which is what South West Plumbing provides. Our qualified staff can work on all HVAC systems and will give you the best service. In the event a new unit is required, we can take care of giving you the best option available. Our staff is on call around the clock to fix your equipment as quickly as possible. A comfortable living environment in your home is very important. 

Contact us to learn how to protect your valuable investment in your HVAC system by having routine inspections and regular maintenance, which our technicians provide.

Bothell, WA, HVAC Services by South West Plumbing

Yearly AC and Heating Maintenance

In Bothell, your HVAC system works hard. A once-a-year maintenance check will keep it working in the best condition. Lots of costly problems can be avoided by these checks. Sometimes your system will malfunction at the hottest or coldest time of year, so don’t procrastinate on protecting it.  These check-ups can give your system a longer life, prevent costly repairs and keep it running at its best.

Heating Repairs in Bothell

When your heating system malfunctions, a call to South West Plumbing will get your repairs done quickly. Furnace repairs, HVAC installations, and regular maintenance are areas in which we are experts. Call us to schedule and prevent getting caught in a cold spell with no heat.

AC Repairs

Air conditioning units seem to pick some of the hottest days of the year to break. You want it fixed quickly, and our staff is ready 24/7 to meet that need. Keep our number handy so that South West Plumbing can be there to find the problem. We are the best in Bothell!

Replacing your Bothell HVAC System

Aging air conditioning systems can sometimes let us know they need replacing.  Are energy costs rising? Is your home not as cool as it used to be?  Are you having costly repairs?  These may be signs of an air conditioner that needs to be replaced. South West Plumbing’s staff are highly trained and can help you make the best decision to keep things cool.

Insulation Needs in your Attic

If your Bothell house is not being cooled or heated properly, you notice drafty areas, or maybe have found damp insulation, you may need to upgrade your attic insulation.  Proper insulation helps your system to work better, and over time your insulation may have degraded.  If your insulation is up to code, your home will be more comfortable year-round. Our qualified staff can inspect your attic and give you recommendations on what will work best.  Call South West Plumbing of Bothell today.

Thermostat Upgrades

The efficiency of thermostats has improved, and it is vital that yours is the best it can be, as it is the brain center of your unit.  A properly working thermostat can keep your home’s temperature at a consistent comfort level and save you money.  A programable thermostat is the most efficient type and can be adjusted to raise and lower temperatures as needed.  Some can even be programmed from a smartphone or tablet.  If your thermostat is old, you are missing out.  Call South West Plumbing to find the best way to control your unit.

Bothell Air Duct Maintenance

There is a hidden area of your HVAC system that can become a hazard.  That is your air ducts. They can gather dust, dirt, mold, or mildew, which can cause allergies and lessen your home’s air quality.  A clogged duct causes the airflow to decrease, makes your system less efficient, creates bigger energy bills, and even lessens the life of your unit.  Call South West Plumbing today to get an inspection of your air ducts.

Installation of New Air Ducts

Ductwork that is over 50 years old or which has become damaged may need to be replaced.  If mold is found in air ducting, those ducts may need to be replaced.  Only through an inspection by our professionals will you know if they need replacement but rest assured, if they do need replacing, our highly trained staff will be able to take care of it for you.

At South West Plumbing of Bothell, Washington, we strive to provide services that meet any HVAC need you may have.  Call today to have our professionals help you.