History and visiting guide about Capitol Hill Seattle 

Capitol Hill is a compactly populated housing district in Seattle, Washington, USA. One of the most prevalent nightlife and entertaining districts, it is home to a momentous gay village and a vibrant counterculture community.

Capitol Hill is a fun and light-hearted neighbourhood, and a walk through its tree-lined streets will confirm this – century-old mansions, chic boutiques, LGBT bars, and expensive clubs fill up this expansive district. Don’t miss Seattle Asian Art Museum for a bit of culture, home to pottery, paintings, and interesting sculptures.

Capitol Hill, 10 minutes north of Seattle, is also known for its multi-cultural identity. This diverseness is integrated into the town’s life, especially in its restaurants. Dining in this district can transport you to the secluded hills of Nepal and Tibet and the streets of Asia.

History of Capitol Hill Seattle

In the early 1900s, this place was recognised as ‘Broadway Hill,’ after the main street in the neighbourhood. The source of your current name is disputed. James A. Moore, the real estate developer who planted this area, supposedly gave this name. 

Go shopping at Capitol Hill Seattle

Capitol Hill has become the stronghold of craft suppliers and design-driven lifestyle boutiques. For example, at Melrose Market, a more focused market on food, there’s Glasswing Shop, a boutique that offers a particularly fun selection of clever kitchen utensils, eco-friendly soaps, and unique clothing and jewellery. In an elegant space close to the wooded park of Cal Anderson, Totokaelo offers beautiful and personalized designer shoes and clothing, as well as beautiful glassware and ceramics and linens. The neighboring store, Elliott Bay Book Company, brings together thousands of books, including a selection of works on Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

To entertain at Capitol Hill Seattle

Take a stroll through Volunteer Park, a 19.5-hectare park, the neighborhood’s “green lung,” where you can contemplate the fascinating view of the Seattle skyline and admire the impressive paintings, pottery, and sculptures inside. Visit Museum of modern art Seattle Asian Art Museum. Later in the evening, drink a toast at one of Capitol Hill’s chic and sexy bars like the Witness, which specializes in Southern-inspired craft cocktails, and the Pony, a fabulously retro gay bar and nightclub.

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