Drain & Sewer Line Camera Inspections

Using a specially designed water-proof camera system, our expert technicians can identify problems in your drain or sewer line that are otherwise invisible and hard to find. With a camera inspection we can pin point problems in drain pipes. The camera is inserted through the clean-out port on the outside of your home or the alternative access point. The technician can view the camera feed in real time directly on the unit as it is being inserted.

Accuracy is Key

With a camera inspection, we can take the guesswork out of working on a plumbing problem. Using the camera we can determine where exactly an issue is located and then proceed with the solution best suited to the job.

Once we’ve repaired an issue we perform a follow-up inspection to ensure proper operation of your drain & sewer pipes and to check for any remaining issues. Give us a call today at 206-932-1777 or request your appointment online ยป