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Reliable A/C Repair in Edmonds

When those hot summer months roll around, there’s no better time to start up your air conditioner. But you’ve not used your A/C in so long, and it starts to malfunction; what can you do? There’s no need to sit through the uncomfortable Washington heat because South West Plumbing’s HVAC is here to save the day! We can handle any A/C problem and will have your unit back up and running before you know it. 

We can handle many different types of HVAC systems. Our specialized technicians are trained to deal with any problem your A/C runs into, big or small. But your A/C has become unreliable, and you’re ready to kick it to the curb; just give us a call! We’ll help you pick a new unit and install it right away. 

Here at South West Plumbing’s HVAC, we take your HVAC problems seriously and strive to bring you the best service around. That’s why we’re available 24/7. So give us a call, and we’ll have a trained technician solve your problems immediately. 

Stay ahead of any air conditioner problems by scheduling an annual tune-up or inspection. We’ll check your unit and ensure it’s ready to go, so you’ve got a reliable unit all summer. 

South West Plumbing HVAC Services Edmonds WA

Annual HVAC Tune-ups

HVACs are vital to any Washington home year-round. Because of this, they need an annual tune-up to guarantee they function their best. Annual tune-ups keep your HVAC running smoothly and catch budding problems before they turn into full-blown malfunctions. They also help ensure that your HVAC has a long, problem-free life. 

Fixing Your Edmonds Furnace

Forget your furnace issues this winter by giving us a call at South West Plumbing’s HVAC division. If you’re tired of an unreliable furnace, we’ll check out your unit and let you know how to move forward. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a new system, we’re on the case!

We Offer Edmonds Air Conditioning Repairs

Never fear an unexpected breakdown again; save our number and give us a call anytime your A/C starts acting up. We understand how important a cool home is this summer. That’s why we’re here for you 24/7! Our specialized technicians are ready to fix any A/C problem you’re experiencing. We’ll send someone who can diagnose the issue and start working on your A/C immediately.  

Need a Replacement A/C System?

But what’s the next step if your air conditioner is problem-prone and unreliable? A new A/C unit! Picking out a new unit and installing it can seem daunting, but not when you’re working with us. So whether you’re stuck with an unreliable A/C or an aging A/C at the end of its lifespan, we’re here to help!

If you notice your A/C is struggling to keep up like it used to, it might be time for a new one. But if you aren’t sure, we can send a technician to inspect your A/C and let you know whether your current system needs a good tune-up or if you need a new unit altogether. 

Attic Insulation Upgrades Edmonds

A properly insulated attic can save homeowners so much money each month on heating and cooling bills. However, if your HVAC isn’t performing like it used to, you might need your insulation replaced or more added on. Give us a call, and we’ll inspect your insulation and let you know what we can do to improve your insulation situation. 

Upgrading Your Thermostat

Many people don’t realize they can have even more control over their HVAC by upgrading their thermostats. Because your thermostat is the control center of your system, it’s important to consider upgrading to a programmable one or a smart thermostat. 

A smart thermostat can control your entire system from your phone; all you need is the app. You can save money on electricity bills each month by setting your system to a timed schedule. While most new HVAC systems already come with thermostats like this, you don’t have to miss out! Give us a call; we’ll help you choose a new thermostat and install it for you. 

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Your air ducts can be easily forgotten. Most people don’t think about their air ducts’ cleanliness until they have a problem. Air ducts can become blocked due to years’ worth of build-up. They can also house bacteria, fungi, and even mold! 

This is why it’s so important to have your air ducts cleaned. If you aren’t sure whether or not your air ducts need cleaning, call South West Plumbing’s HVAC, and we’ll send a technician who can inspect them and then move forward with cleaning them, if necessary. 

Edmonds Air Duct Installation

If your air ducts are getting older or are problem-prone, it might be time to replace them. Take the hassle out of this process, and let us deal with your air duct installation. Our certified technicians can handle any job you throw our way. If you’ve got air ducts older than 50 years old or your ducts have deteriorated due to mold, we can handle the situation and install new ones right away. We’ll be happy to check out your air ducts and let you know if you need new ones or if your current ones just need to be cleaned. 

For all your Edmonds HVAC needs, call South West Plumbing’s HVAC division at 206-932-1777.