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Reliable A/C Repair in Everett, WA

Is your HVAC system in Everett not quite keeping up with the weather? The HVAC techs at South West Plumbing are here to help! We want to get your HVAC system up and cooling again. Our licensed and experienced technicians are qualified to fix many different types of HVAC systems. If the problem is too severe and a new system is required, our HVAC techs can easily help you choose and install a new system. 

We know how crucial your heating and cooling needs are. At the South West Plumbing HVAC division, we are ready to serve you 24/7. 

At South West Plumbing, we understand how important your HVAC system is and how important it is to keep it running well. We offer both inspections and annual maintenance packages to suit your needs. Call us to learn more.

South West Plumbing HVAC Services in Everett, WA

Annual HVAC Tune-ups

Our HVAC units in Everett are running all year long to provide conditioned air. If you want to save money, it’s a good idea to maintain these hard-working machines, so they work at peak efficiency. Inspections and annual maintenance will prevent problems from springing up and leaving you feeling the heat. Homeowners will always have a list of items requiring their attention, but it’s wise to put your HVAC maintenance first.

Fixing Your Everett, WA Furnace

Does your furnace need service in Everett? Give us a call! Our trained technicians at South West Plumbing’s HVAC division are able to provide an array of furnace services, including maintenance, repairs, and the full installation of new systems. If it’s cold inside when you want to be warm, it’s nice to have a working, powerful furnace.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repairs

It’s the hottest day of summer, and your A/C decides to quit. Before this happens to you, put our phone number in your contacts. When your A/C decides to leave you hot and sweaty, call us, and we’ll be out to fix things in no time. Our technicians are ready and available 24 hours a day for your emergency.

Need a Replacement A/C System?

Is your air conditioning system wearing out from age or has it been damaged? It may just have to be replaced. Repeated breaking or failing to keep your house cool could be signs you need a new A/C system. At the South West Plumbing HVAC division, our techs are the most experienced in the industry, and they’ll help you make the right decision for your situation.

Attic Insulation Upgrades

Do you want smaller energy bills? Adding some insulation to your attic may be able to reduce your heating and cooling costs. If your attic insulation is insufficient or starting to deteriorate, your HVAC unit might not be able to keep up with the weather. Give South West Plumbing’s HVAC division a call to request an attic inspection. Our licensed HVAC techs will assess your current insulation and find the solution that best suits your budget.

Upgrading Your Thermostat

The thermostat is the brain of your Everett HVAC system. Older thermostats are very simple but don’t offer much. Upgrading your thermostat to a new model will allow you to program a schedule to save money. You can program your thermostat straight from your smartphone and have the house at the perfect temperature when you arrive home. Our HVAC techs are ready to show you the thermostats that will work best for you.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Everett homeowners have so much to worry about that air ducts often get overlooked. The health of your air ducts plays a critical role in maintaining your HVAC system. Year after year, even with proper air filter maintenance, air ducts will collect dust. This dust can lead to mold growing in your system as well as your system having to work much harder to heat and cool your home. Metal ducts are fairly simple to clean, but plastic duct work harbors mold very well and would need to be replaced. But don’t worry; give our Everett HVAC techs a call to schedule a duct cleaning. Clean and maintained ductwork means better health for you and your HVAC system.

Air Duct Installation

If your HVAC system is struggling to move air or just can’t keep you comfy, you may need new ductwork. Call South West Plumbing HVAC division for an Everett ductwork inspection. Depending on the age and type of ductwork, a simple cleaning may be all you need. If they have become damaged, too overgrown with mold, or they’re over 50 years old, you may have to replace them, something we’ll be happy to help guide you through. 

For all your Everett, WA HVAC needs, call South West Plumbing’s HVAC division:  206-932-1777.