Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park is a public park in Ballard, a neighborhood of Seattle in the Park you can find hiking trails, wetlands, beaches, and picnic and children playground areas. Park Bathhouse was named a Historic Landmark by the City of Seattle in 2005.

Golden Garden Park is located in Ballard, a neighborhood of Seattle that is spread across several hiking trails, wetlands, and beaches. It is one of the most popular parks and is home to the most beautiful beach in the northwest. The beach has an en suite bathhouse, boat launch, fire pits, playgrounds and picnic areas, etc. with exceptional views of Pudget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, and visitors can also sunbathe on the sandy beach, fish at the pier, go boating, and play volleyball.

With the sun shining a little more over Seattle lately, we think it’s time to party or hit one of the best beaches in our city.

Golden Gardens Park was a central part of Seattle’s beachfront wildlife viewing, and incredible sunsets one more attraction is electric cars being built by real estate agents to move residents of the city to a picnic or a swim on the beach As Sunday outing

Seattle’s Golden Gardens well known for its beach and picnic point. The parking lot can be removed on summer weekends. The extensive network of paths that crosses on the steep slopes east of the railroad tracks is less well known. Some of the stone and concrete work is showing signs of age, but the main walkways are well maintained and in good condition.

Seattle’s Sunset Hill Neighborhood is a circular hike; alternative starting points are given below. The route begins at about 300 feet above sea level and descends about 80 steps downhill, followed by a left turn. At the first intersection, take the right fork (the left fork is your way back). Then go down one more flight of stairs (over 50 total) then carefully traverse Golden Gardens, Dr. NW. Then head down. A few more flights of stairs and you come to an area where the slope is equalized.

There is a parking lot on your left and an unleashed, fenced dog park on your right. The small building in front of you has public toilets. Direct path to the beach to the left of the bathroom, a newly converted staircase (2016) leads downhill.

Go north and when the trail splits into three levels, follow the trail right next to the dog park fence. Walk past a large metal sculpture that resembles an abstract dog shape on your left.

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