Enjoy a great time with family at Green Lake

Green Lake is a freshwater lake located in Green Lake Park in north-central Seattle, Washington. In addition to the Green Lake and Wallingford neighborhoods, the park is surrounded by Phinney Ridge, Woodland Park, and Wallingford neighborhoods. 

Green Lake Recreation Area

A 2.8 mile-long (4.5-kilometre-long) trail encircles Green Lake. There is an asphalt path in the middle of the walk with two lanes, one for pedestrians and one for bicycles, roller skates, and other wheeled motorized vehicles. The outer path is unpaved. According to the Parks and Recreation Department, “peer pressure” enforces the restrictions for these lanes. The trail is popular with folks looking to get some exercise and peace. A 3.2-mile-long (5.1-kilometre-long) unpaved path skirts the park’s perimeter. 

The parking lot and the walkway:

An area of sea near Duck Island is shielded from strong winds by Prospect Point, an island that points toward Duck Island. Model boats used to be a common sight here, but they are no longer permitted on the lake.

Plant and animal life

Overlooking Green Lake, an osprey goes fishing in search of prey. For wildlife, Green Lake is a beacon. Numerous species of wildlife, such as frogs, birds, turtles, otters, bats, and hawks, can be seen in the area, and ducks, cormorants, loons, herons, and geese, and turtles. This mallard ignored the laws prohibiting the feeding of ducks at Green Lake.

Green Lake is home to a wide variety of fish. For the enjoyment of anglers, trout, primarily rainbow trout, are regularly replenished. Carp can be spotted spawning and mating in the shallows during the spring. 

Carp are considered an invasive species that can contribute to eutrophication. Thus, tiger muskellunge were introduced to help keep the population under control. Additionally, the lake is home to various surprising species such as largemouth bass, yellow perch; bluegill; yellow bullhead; and channel catfish.

Common Names for Species

 Feral rabbits, Barred Owls, and Red Eared Sliders are the most noteworthy examples of this flora and fauna (released turtles). Most common birds include American Crow, American Goldfinch, American Robin, Anna’s Hummingbird, Bald Eagle, Barred Owl, Bewick Wren, Black-Capped Chickadee, Bushtit, and European.

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