Seattle, WA Furnace and Heating System Inspections and Maintenance

Keep Your Heating System Running At Peak Efficiency

Our licensed heating technicians can inspect, maintain and repair your heating system annually so you can be sure to have a warm and comfortable home during the cooler months. 

Seattle Washington AC & Heating Repair

The Importance Of A Well Maintained Heating System

To avoid costly repairs or damage to your heating system and to ensure the longest possible lifespan for your furnace, South West Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric recommends annual maintenance and inspection of your system by a licensed HVAC contractor. Our technicians will look at: 

Furnace Cutaway, Heating Inspections Seattle

  • Blower components
  • Check and test safety controls
  • Monitor furnace cycle
  • Gas pressure
  • Heat exchanger and burners
  • Thoroughly check for cracked heat exchanger
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation
  • Heat anticipator settings
  • Check and adjust pilot operation
  • Air flow for proper temperature
  • Check and tighten all loose electrical connections
  • Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors
  • Check Thermostat for Proper Operation

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