Laurelhurst – neighborhood of vintage homes

Residents of Laurelhurst live in Seattle, Washington. Ivanhoe Place N.E., Windermere; Sand Point Way N.E. and N.E. 45th Street; Mary Gates Memorial Drive N.E., the East Campus of the University of Washington, Union Bay; and Lake Washington are its boundaries. The Children’s Hospital of Seattle is situated in the city’s northwest quadrant. Originally a Duwamish campsite, the area was annexed by Seattle in 1910 and has been part of the city ever since.

The community Centre is a designated landmark in the city of New Orleans. In addition to the Laurelhurst Beach Club and the Laurelhurst Community Center, the area also has Laurelhurst Park. For more than 100 years, the Laurelhurst neighborhood has been a residential and parkland area in Portland, Oregon. Only forty blocks from downtown Portland, it was created as an exclusive residential suburb along streetcar lines, and its unusual street arrangement and house stock are now prominent characteristics of the city’s landscape.


Laurelhurst, a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, sits on a peninsula that juts out into the Union Bay section of Lake Washington. On the west side of Laurelhurst, you’ll find the University Village and the University of Washington. The southern boundary is formed by Union Bay, the eastern boundary by Lake Washington, and the northern limit by Sand Point and Windermere. Duwamish Indians had a seasonal camp there. King County’s first sheriff erected a house and a sawmill there in the 1860s. There has already been an arrival of the Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern Railroad at Laurelhurst by 1887. Laurelhurst became part of the city of Seattle after it was annexed in 1910, and it is now a posh neighborhood near the University of Washington with quick access to the city Centre.

The township of white

The wooded peninsula to the north of Madison Park was a popular destination for picnickers and seasonal inhabitants alike. The Laurelhurst Launch, a tiny ferry run by the Herzog brothers, who wore nautical blue as they piloted their wooden ship, will soon be replaced by oars and paddles (the early 1900s).

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