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Tips for Recognizing When Your Furnace Needs Service

furnace needs service

Just as your car shows signs of needing repair before breaking down, your furnace displays signs as well, including things like odd sounds or smells. Still, many people either aren’t aware of what to look and listen for, or they simply ignore the possible signs until the furnace stops working altogether. Addressing certain problems quickly can save you the hassle of having to completely replace your system, which can cost ...

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How an Earthquake Could Cost You

earthquake can cost youWe don’t have tell you that earthquakes present many serious ramifications for homeowners. Most notably, there’s the potential for costly damage to your home in addition to major safety concerns. Sometimes, the damage you can’t see is just as troublesome as the obvious effects. Earthquakes can cause extensive damage to your home’s plumbing, and if the issues aren’t identified and repaired in a timely manner, you could be looking ...

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Common Winter Heating Problems and How to Fix Them

winter heating
Seattle can get surprisingly chilly in the winter, with average lows in the 30s. The last thing you want at that temperature is a heating system malfunction that leaves you huddled up in a mound of blankets on your couch.

Such problems can be prevented with an annual inspection, but sometimes, homeowners lose track of time and forget to schedule regular maintenance. If that sounds like you, be sure to keep ...

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Dead-of-Winter Plumbing Woes

plumbing problems
It feels like technology seems to fail us when we need it most – in the case of cold winters, heating and plumbing systems tend to bite the dust just when the weather is at its most frigid. Many of these issues can be attributed to the additional stress that the cold weather puts on pipes and water heaters.
Here are three common plumbing issues people experience during the winter ...

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Sewer Sorrows: Has a Sewer Pipe Burst In My Yard?

sewer pipeWe rely on our water pipes and sewer lines to shuttle clean water into our homes and dirty water out. With so much waste water from our toilets, showers and sinks, it’s no wonder sewer pipes wear out and burst every now and then. When a pipe bursts on your property, though, the signs may not always be obvious. Keep an eye out for these pesky symptoms of a broken pipe ...

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How to Choose the Right Piping for a Repair or Replacement

copper pipes

Most of the time, homeowners don’t worry about their piping as long as it reliably delivers water to the places they need it most, like the shower, sink and toilet. Some even ignore the first signs of plumbing trouble because the problem doesn’t seem serious enough to warrant an intervention.

What many don’t realize is that even tiny leaks, especially if they occur one after the other, indicate a full piping replacement ...

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