Water Line Services, Seattle WA

Every home has a water line that delivers fresh water and every home is going to have a leak in their water line at some time.

This line may come from the city meter or from a well, or even from a community water system. This line is called a “water service”. Your water service may be made of copper, galvanized steel, polyethylene, or PVC.

The effective lifespan of these different materials vary greatly. Our plumbers are trained to locate the area of the leak and determine if repair or replacement is necessary. Should you choose to replace the line (most commonly selected option), we can get this job done quickly so you have the least amount of inconvenience possible. Also, we have the ability to install the new line with minimal disruption to your landscape.

Even past your main water line, pipes leak – we can handle it.

Our licensed plumbers have years of experience to draw from to locate and repair leaks inside your home. Most of the time only a small hole is required pinpoint the source and repair the problem. Our licensed plumbers can repair all types of pipes in any location of your home, even water heaters.

For older homes our licensed and professional plumbers can carefully plan a new plumbing system for you and keep the damage to your walls and ceilings to a minimum. Quite often we can install piping in existing chases or hollow areas, and reuse the existing holes. With new plumbing pipes, you not only increase the value of your home, but it becomes a joy to bathe and cook with bountiful amounts of fresh clean water.

Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that the job will be done quickly, professionally and correctly at a price that you approve up front! Call us today at 206-932-1777 or request your appointment online »