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When you need the services of the best plumber in Ravensdale, call South West Plumbing. We provide residential and commercial plumbing services that run the gamut from whole-house system installations to leaky toilets repairs.

Builders: We Do Whole House Plumbing Installations

South West Plumbing experts install complete plumbing systems including drainpipes, vent pipes, and sewer lines. We work with general contractors to deliver first-phase installations in a timely way, returning later to place and plumb sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and water heaters.

Need installation services for a custom home, multi-unit property or development? Call us: 206-932-1777.

Water Heater Services Ravensdale

Water heaters that are cared for (serviced and maintained) can last for 20 years or more. The secret to their care is annual visits by expert plumbers such as South West Plumbing.

Over the years, the components inside water heaters age and deteriorate. Sediment builds up at the bottom of tanks and rust can begin to corrode the inside. If these issues are let go, they can lead to irreversible damage. South West Plumbing professionals inspect water heaters, replace worn-out arts, remove sediment, and manage rust.

When the time comes to replace one of these important appliances, speak to a South West Plumbing representative to select the best unit for your needs and budget.

Plumbing Services

plumbers and plumbing repair Ravensdale WA

Drain Clearing Ravensdale

The team at South West Plumbing are experts at clearing clogged and backed up drains. Our equipment reaches the deepest obstructions to remove them and allow the free flow of water again.

Homeowners usually try to deal with clogged drains themselves before calling a plumber. They use dissolving agents, plungers, hooks, tongs, and forks. These can be effective for blockages located near the tops of drains.

Obstructions further down inside a drain usually require the attention of a professional plumber. Call South West Plumbing for help with this kind of clog. Our emergency drain clearing service may be just what you need.

Sewer Line Repair

Most homeowners, even ardent DIYers, cannot or should not tackle sewer line repairs. Sewer lines run underground, so without proper equipment, repair attempts by non-plumbers can open a Pandora’s box of issues.

At South West Plumbing, we have the professional equipment to detect locations and sources of blockages. Our video technology allows us to see inside sewer lines and make targeted trenchless sewer line repairs. This means that we don’t have to dig through the whole yard in search of problem areas. Repairs can be made quickly and affordably.

Hydro Jet Sewer Line Clearing

At South West Plumbing, we use powerful jets of water to clear out blockages inside sewer lines. This is called hydro jet clearing. Water under high pressure has enough force to break apart tree root masses and solid layers of old grease and sludge. An effective technology, it should nevertheless be reserved for professional plumbers with experience handling the equipment.

Toilets Repairs and Replacement Ravensdale

Even though toilets are ceramic or porcelain, they still contain parts that wear out over time. Seals under toilet bases and plastic parts inside tanks deteriorate and eventually need replacing.

If your toilet is leaking at the base, not flushing properly, or running continuously, call the toilet repair experts Ravensdale at South West Plumbing. We make whatever repairs are necessary to get your toilets working well again.

Occasionally we may suggest replacing a toilet. This can happen if the toilet bowl is badly stained inside and cannot be restored to its original condition. If a house is being prepped for sale, replacing a badly stained toilet can encourage rather than discourage buyers.

Water Pipe Repairs

Yes, South West Plumbing professionals repair broken water pipes.

If you have a burst pipe, the first task is to find the water main and turn it off. The water main is the pipe that brings the main water supply into a house or building. It is usually located close to an exterior wall.

After the water main has been turned off, stopping water flow into the house, call South West Plumbing. We’ll find the burst pipe, fix it, and get you back in business.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair Ravensdale

When you hear the words “slab leak repair,” do you envision torn up walls and flooring? It’s true that that scenario used to accompany getting a slab leak fixed. However, times have changed.

South West Plumbing professionals use advanced leak detection technology to find leaks. We are able to pinpoint leak locations and access them without tearing the house apart.

If you think you have a slab leak, call us today. The leak should be addressed quickly to prevent water damage to walls and flooring.

Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Call South West Plumbing to have a sump pump installed, serviced, or repaired.

Sump pumps are important pieces of equipment in basements or below-ground rooms that are vulnerable to floodwaters. Sump pumps act to carry floodwaters out of rooms and away from houses or buildings. Keep your sump pump in good working order so that it is ready to work when needed.

South West Plumbing provides exceptional plumbing services to the people and businesses of Ravensdale, WA. Call us for plumbing installation, repairs, and maintenance: 206-932-1777.