Seattle Aquarium

The aquarium opened on May 22, 1977, and was at first owned and operated by the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department. On July 1, 2010, A 501 (c) (3) non-profit association for the aquarium has taken over the management of the facility from the city. They were the architect of the building.

The aquarium promotes marine conservation and informs more than 800,000 visitors (including 50,000 students) each year of the effects of the In 2007, an 18,000 square foot (1,700 square meters) expansion opened a 2625 square foot gift shop and cafeteria) added the aquarium as well as two new exhibits: Window on Washington Waters and Crashing Waves.

Discover playful sea otters, graceful octopuses, glowing jellies, and more. Immerse yourself in the 360 ° view of our underwater dome. Take a virtual trip to the tropics in our Pacific Coral Reef Exhibition. Also, don’t miss our daily diving and animal feeding shows – a great way to see what each of us can do to protect the health of the One world Ocean we all share. Pacific Coral Reef is an artificial coral reef in a 25,000 Gallon (95,000 L) tank that contains fish that live in and around reefs.

Ocean Oddity is an exhibit that features pineapples, thrushes, flying blondes, pot-bellied seahorses, and short dragonfish. Birds and Shores consist of three separate areas. Northwest Shores is an area that exhibits birds in a variety of habitats on the northwest coast. Diving birds such as tufted puffins and guillemots have acids. There is also a coastal bird show.

The Orca Family Activity Center is designed to educate visitors about orcas, particularly those of the southern resident community who live in Puget Sound. Puget Sound Fish is a three-part exhibition of fish from Puget Sound. The fish contained in the tank are growling sculptors, pacific sting-suckers, midshipmen, canaries, wolf halls, and ornate war sparrows.

The tank shows species that were found in Puget Sound, including salmon, crocodiles, sharks, sturgeon, rays, and rockfish. For a look under the ocean, visit the Seattle Aquarium, located along the boardwalk just blocks west of the Seattle Art Museum. And don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the fish-eye view from the aquarium’s underwater viewing dome.

Previous visitors have said the aquarium is well worth a quick stop, especially if you want to learn more about the animals that make the Pacific Northwest home. The Seattle Aquarium, which is just a few minute’s walks from Pike Place Market, is accessible via several bus routes. The aquarium is open daily from 9:30 a.m. P., Latest entry at 5 p.m. Some visitors say entry is a little expensive, but entry to the aquarium is included when you buy a Seattle. With their Flathead Pricing Program, aquarium ticket prices are determined by several factors, such as from $ 21.95 to $ 36.95 for adults and $ 18.95 to $ 25.95 for children ages 4 to 12. Please visit the Seattle Aquarium website for more information.

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