Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum features world-class exhibits and visual arts that make you think. The museum comprises three major city facilities:

  • Seattle Art Museum in city center Seattle
  • Seattle Asian Art Museum (SAAM) in unpaid assistant Park on Capitol Hill
  • Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle Waterfront Seattle
  • History of the Seattle Art Museum

SAM’s story begins early in Seattle’s history. Here are some of the highlights in SAM’s history that built each of its locations and reputation for world-class art. SAM’s parent institution, the Seattle Fine Art Society, dates back to 1906. The association organized exhibitions at various locations in the city. In 1929 it was renamed the Seattle Art Institute when I kept looking for a permanent installation. From 1931-1933 a $250,000 grant was made available for the construction of a new building on Capitol Hill. Volunteer Park – Today the Museum of Asian Art is located in Seattle.

The Seattle Art Museum opened to the public in June 1933 in the Art Deco building in Volunteer Park. In the decades that followed, the museum expanded its collections of European and Asian art and established itself as an important institution for international art.

When Seattle hosted the World’s Fair in 1962, the event established the city as a modern art center and enabled further expansion and more diverse art exhibits at the SAM that lasted into the 1970s. Financial success led to plans for a permanent installation at the center.

In 1991 the profile of the museum is further expanded through several major events.SAM Receives Donated Collection of Northwest Indigenous Art, Volunteer Park Building Shuts down for Renovation, SAM’s New Location Opens In Downtown Seattle, In Front Of Jonathan Borofsky’s 48-Foot Hammering Man, And The Museum of Asian Art Seattle Will Be At The Former SAM- Location established. In 1994 the location of the volunteer park was rededicated in the Seattle Asian Art Museum. The new space made it possible to exhibit many more of his collection of Asian art objects. Today the SAAM is one of the few art museums in the country. and the only one in the Pacific Northwest that highlights art from all over Asia.

In 2007 the Olympic Sculpture Park was inaugurated. The seaside park with massive sculptures has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The unique outdoor park is one mile north of SAM on nine acres of Seattle’s waterfront. It is the largest green space in Seattle that is highlighted by these impressive pieces of modern and contemporary art. Enjoy panoramic views of Puget Sound as well as views of the city. Occasionally the sculptures are rotated and/or tended to protect them from the effects of being outdoors and the saltwater of Puget Sound.

In 2020 the VSV in the Volunteer Park was reopened after extensive renovations. Visit Seattle Art Museum Located at 1300 First Ave, Seattle, WA 98101. The museum is easily accessible by King County subway bus from stops along 3rd Avenue at University or Seneca. A retrospective is the primary major retrospective of Cunningham’s work in the United States in 40 years. Examining the artist’s upbringing in Seattle, the exhibition includes works by women artists such as Ruth Asawa and Martha Graham championed by Cunningham, as well as works from the f/64 Group, which he co-founded with Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and others Exhibition shows the endless innovation and profound influence of the remarkable photographer who has pushed the boundaries. For women in art as well as photography as an art form. Cunningham’s creative spark confirmed photography as an independent and valuable art form in the 20th century.

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