For what South Lake Union is famous

Located at the southernmost point of Lake Union, the Seattle neighborhood of South Lake Union gets its name from its location. Like most Seattle neighborhood borders, Interstate 5 to its east; Lake Union and E. Newton Place to its north are the official boundaries of the City of Seattle Urban Center. The Cascade area is home to several historic buildings.

When looking at South Lake Union’s future, three things to consider:

  • Customer reaction prompted this blog series after our “Top 10 Seattle Neighbourhood’s Set for Growth” feature on King5 evening news. We’ll break down some of the most essential development outcomes in each area to give you a better idea of what’s going on there.
  • Located between Seattle’s CBD and Lake Union, South Lake Union has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last decade. However, due to Paul Allen’s concentration on redeveloping around 60 acres of the area and the meteoric development of Amazon, the neighborhood’s history has seen a significant upheaval. 
  • Aside from that, the Amazon and the University of Washington Medical Center campuses have made South Lake Union a hotbed for cutting-edge modern architecture. Food trucks and retail businesses in the region attract visitors to taste New Urbanism’s best practices. As a result, it’s been dubbed Seattle’s “Millennial Playground.”

Three quick facts about South Lake Union’s expansion:

  1. It is estimated that there are about 460 properties that can change direction into a source of wealth. Because of their great growth potential, our team has singled out these properties for particular attention in the years to come.
  2. Dexter Ave N in South Lake Union’s most promising street:

According to CityBldr, this street has the most untapped potential for future growth. 

  1. The increase of essential employers in the neighbourhood and the targeted-up zoning of the district is causing South Lake Union’s tremendous development. Some parts of South Lake Union were rezoned, enabling buildings up to 240 feet tall. It is provided with an important impetus for economic development and the region’s expansion. South Lake Union is a significant location for Amazon’s headquarters and is one of Seattle’s fastest-growing areas. 

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