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Dependable A/C Repair in Tacoma

Thanks to South West Plumbing, it’s not the end of the world if your Tacoma air conditioning system goes kaput. Our licensed technicians will make sure your A/C is up and running before you know it, no matter what kind of HVAC system you have. The HVAC team is trained in a range of HVAC systems and can take care of whatever issue you’re facing. If they determine that the problem is beyond repair, they will recommend and install an excellent replacement unit.

South West Plumbing knows that proper heating and cooling are essential! We make every effort to be available at any time of the week, day or night.

To ensure your HVAC system lives up to its full potential, we provide annual inspections and regular maintenance. Give us a call to learn more!

South West Plumbing HVAC Services Tacoma WA

Tacoma Furnace Repairs

We all know Tacoma gets cold, and there’s nothing worse than a frigid day with a furnace that doesn’t work. The HVAC division at South West Plumbing can prevent that! We offer heating system maintenance, repairs, and installation.

Yearly HVAC Tune-ups

HVAC units do their fair share of work in Tacoma. Running throughout the year, it’s important to tune up these systems on an annual basis to make sure they’re functioning properly and efficiently. Regular maintenance not only ensures optimal performance of your HVAC system but also helps to prevent sudden malfunctions that leave you high and dry in the middle of the summer or winter.

We Repair Tacoma Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever had your A/C system suddenly fail, it was probably not during the pleasant fall or chilly winter. No, it seems that A/C failures always happen in the dog days of summer.  When this happens, you don’t want to waste time searching for a reliable HVAC technician to come give you a quote. Save our phone number so you can get in touch with us immediately. We offer 24/7 availability and will be out to get your system running again right away.

Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

Solid attic insulation is key in optimizing heating and cooling efforts and keeping your utility bills low. If your home isn’t being cooled or heated very well, deterioration of the attic insulation could be the culprit. Schedule an attic inspection with us. The South West Plumbing HVAC technicians will assess the status and amount of insulation in your attic and provide their expert recommendations. We can add or replace insulation if needed.

We Do A/C System Replacements

An A/C system that continues to malfunction despite repairs being done or just can’t keep your home cool may be reaching the end of its life. This could be due to age or damage. Either way, if this is the case, it’s time for an air conditioning system replacement. Call South West Plumbing, and we’ll take care of it.

Want to Upgrade Your Thermostat?

With all the technological advances we’ve seen in recent years, it’s not a surprise that thermostats now have the capability of being programmed and even controlled from your phone. Set times for your HVAC system to turn on or off, wind down, or ramp up. Check its status when away from home and adjust the settings from an app on your phone. Interested in an upgrade? Call us and one of our experts will walk you through options and pricing.

Air Duct Replacement and Installation Tacoma

At a certain point, your air ducts may be due for replacement. Ductwork older than 50 years often shows signs of deterioration, damage, or even mold. When it’s this old, replacement is typically the best option. In other cases, air ducts may just need to be cleaned to function properly. If mold is present, metal ducts can be thoroughly cleaned, but plastic ones may not be salvageable.

We Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Air ducts are probably the last thing most homeowners think about, but it’s crucial to the efficient performance of your HVAC system that they are cleaned regularly. Over the years, grit and dust build up, and mold, fungi, or bacteria can grow. Debris that has worked its way through the ducts can cause an airflow blockage. The HVAC division at South West Plumbing provides thorough air duct cleaning services.

For any and all Tacoma HVAC needs, contact South West Plumbing’s HVAC division at 206-932-1777.